Disaster management

European GNSS (Galileo and EGNOS) can provide a significant support in order to effectively manage the response to an emergency or a disaster.

During distress events where the management of the consequences is critical, it is mandatory to have access to precise and updated information. GNSS makes a significant contribution during the mitigation phase of disaster management, supporting GNSS monitoring and early warning systems for disasters such as landslides or tsunamis. 

Regarding the integration of GNSS in RPAS for Search and Rescue, the MOBNET project is designing a system to locate isolated victims in the event of natural or man-made disasters. The system also can help first responder services to find lost people in the mountains.

MOBNET Project

The MOBNET solution takes advantage of the ubiquity of mobile phones and the cost and performance gains of using drones in search and rescue operations, while leveraging the high-quality timing synchronization capabilities provided by Galileo. Taking advantage of these features, MOBNET uses digital cellular technologies to detect the presence of people, by locating their mobiles, and help rescuers in their search.