Webinar on GNSS and inertial navigation

The next February 12th a free webinar entitled “Automative-Grade GNSS + Inertial for Robust Navigation” will take place. Registration is open and free.

During the webinar, several sensor integrations will be covered regarding navigation in a full range of environments.

The members of the panel will guide the attendants through the intricacies of GNSS-inertial integration from three points:

  • via sensor-agnostic self-contained software that performs tight coupling of carrier-phase GNSS with inertial measurements, a vehicle motion model with software-based multipath mitigation and without connecting to vehicle sensors;
  • via tightly coupled GNSS, MEMS accelerometers and gyros, integrated in the GNSS module, from dual frequency with full RTK corrections and ambiguity resolution and a wheel-pulse connection (automotive dead reckoning);
  • via a wheel-mounted inertial measurement unit providing high-rate (2 kHz) bias-free data, road-quality measurements and instantaneous wheel dynamics estimation.