CORUS 3rd Workshop

Date: 02/04/2019-05/04/2019

The main goal with the workshop was to ensure that the needs and views of all stakeholders are taken into consideration in the CORUS Concept of Operations.

The workshop was divided into 3 sessions:

  • General presentation of the CORUS Concept of Operations to the U-Space Community Network.
  • U-Space Big Picture: This session presented other U-Space projects (from SJU) that are currently busy exploring the technical enablers for U-Space (Detect and Avoid, Security, Tracking and Aeronautical Information, to name a few).
  • CORUS concept of operations Expert Review : This session was dedicated to a detailed examination of the CORUS concept of operations, guided by comments received.

Prior to the event, EVADS sent several comments to the ConOps CORUS distributed in advance and some of these comments were mentioned and dealt with during the conference.

One was referring to the separation minima, where CORUS showed interest in the proposal to contemplate several factors when assessing separation minima. A general opinion was that no general figures should be provided since they would depend on many factors.

Another one referred to the interaction of the general public with the registry information of drones. Where CORUS agreed provided certain conditions are met, for example paying a fee.

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