Project GAUSS evaluates the performance of EGNSS sensors

Project GAUSS Consortium has successfully performed its First Field Trials during last week (13-17th July). Flights were carried out in ATLAS Flight Test Center in Villacarillo (Spain) to evaluate the performance of different EGNSS sensors on board drones. The event was attended by the members of GAUSS consortium along with the GSA. In collaboration with GNSS manufacturers Ublox  and Septentrio, several sensors were integrated either as payload or as the main drone positioning system in the UAS of Sistemas de Control Remoto SCR and the University of Seville.

The flights were carried out correctly without any major issues from Monday to Friday. A detailed analysis of the collected data will be performed in the following weeks with the aim of demonstrating GALILEO and EGNOS advantageous features in precision, integrity and availability.

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