EASA requests comments on BVLOS operations in urban environments webinar

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has made a call on comments about the past Webinar on BVLOS operations in urban environment held on 1 October. The webinar covered all the most important aspects of these operations from a regulatory and operational point of view:

  • Population density: EASA intends to develop a tool to map the population density in real time.
  • Drone Design: EU (through EASA) is competent to assess the design of an aircraft (including drones)
  • High robustness for SAIL V and VI: UAS operated in high risk operations in BVLOS in urban environments will be required to be certified.
  • JARUS SORA developments: Drone-to-drone collision risk to be tackled in the future.
  • Light certification process for «medium assurance operations»: EASA will leave to the NAA the decision of whether it is necessary or not to certify in medium risk operations.
  • Experimental flights under the Specific category: They will also need an authorisation process.
  • Discussing changes to SORA with JARUS: Not any changes to SORA expected for this year. Discussions are in process.
  • Way forward to ensure a uniform & consistent implementation of medium risk operations in the specific category: EASA is currently coordinating the needs of this operations with the NAA.

EASA’s plans for this issue in the near future are:

  • Receive comments on this proposal by NAAs by 9 October
  • Review the changes proposed to EASA SORA with JARUS WG6 by end of October
  • Publish by the end of 2020 the Cert Memo/DOARI/GM or similar regulatory
    material to bridge time until adoption of new regulation
  • Publish by end of 2020/beginning 2021 a Decision with amendments to EASA SORA
  • Have a focused consultation with all affected stakeholders on the proposal of the
    new regulation on AW of certified UAS in medium risk in the specific category by
    Q1 2021
  • Publish the new regulation on AW of UAS in medium risk in the specific category
    by Q3 2021

For more information, please visit: https://rpas-regulations.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/EASA_Presentation_Operations-Medium-Risk-Specific-Category_201001_TR.pdf

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