3rd GNSS User Technology Report now available

[source: European GNSS Agency (http://www.gsa.europa.eu)]

The European GNSS Agency (GSA) has just released its latest GNSS User Technology Report, providing a comprehensive analysis of latest GNSS trends and developments. With four Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) available and more than 100 satellites in operation broadcasting multiple frequencies, the GNSS industry is shifting towards the wide adoption of multifrequency receivers across market segments to meet the diverging user needs of emerging applications.

The Report counts on contributions from leading GNSS receiver, chipset manufacturers and service providers, and serves as a valuable tool to support planning and decision-making with regards to developing, purchasing and using GNSS technology. Published biennially since 2016, the User Technology Report has become a point of reference for the GNSS industry, research and policy-makers.

The report is built around four macrosegments defined on the basis of commonalities from a technology point of view:

  • high volume,
  • safety- and liability-critical,
  • high-accuracy, and,
  • new-entry in this edition, timing devices and solutions.

The full GNSS User Technology Report 2020 is available for download here.

[source: European GNSS Agency (http://www.gsa.europa.eu)]
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