EASA releases an introduction of a regulatory framework for the operation of UAS and for Urban Air Mobility

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has published a report on safety occurrences with civil drones are increasing across all Member States (MSs). Currently, there are no harmonised rules at European Union (EU) level, and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operations still depend on individual authorisations that are issued by MSs.

The specific objectives of this report are:

  • to ensure a high and uniform level of safety for UAS, enabling operators to safely operate UAS in the single European sky (SES), especially for higher-risk operations;
  • to create the conditions for manned aircraft and UA to safely operate in the U-space airspaces;
  • to promote innovation and development in the fields of UAS and urban air mobility while creating an efficient, proportionate, and well-designed regulatory framework, free of burdensome rules that could hinder the market’s development;
  • to harmonise the regulatory framework across MSs by enhancing clarity, filling the gaps, and removing the inconsistencies that a fragmented system may have (e.g. cross-border operation of UA); and
  • to foster an operation-centric, proportionate, as well as risk- and performance-based regulatory framework, considering important aspects, such as privacy, personal data protection, security, and safety.

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