Next steps for U-Space/UTM regulation

According to sources from EASA, a study will be published next week regarding the social acceptance of urban air mobility. This is meant to be the beginning of a new phase of work for the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in the U-Space technologies, after having adopted in the past month the regulatory package composed of three documents ( )

“We are working at full speed on acceptable means of compliance and guidance material and will start consultation on the draft by the end of this year, aiming for adoption very quickly after consultation,” said Maria Algar Ruiz (EASA). “It will include all aspects of the regulation from airspace assessments to different types of services and certification of the U-space service providers (USSPs).”

Furthermore, webinars will be held with stakeholders of the industry and Member States of EASA to further detail and clarify the main aspects of the regulation, especially regarding how will U-Space will be defined in the AIP.

Since the most advanced U-Space services still need to be tested also for the UAM domain, it is expected that there will be more demonstration trials and that they may affect the regulations through amendments and changes in the Guidance Material. Also of special interest will be implementation of remote identification for UAS operations.

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