UAS used in the Second Field Trials

The land operation of the Second Trials of Project GAUSS took place during the week of 24th May in ATLAS Flight Test Center in Villacarrillo, Spain. In these operations, four UAS from SCR, including fixed-wing and multirotors, shared the airspace in order to demonstrate the capabilities of the GAUSS system.

The multirotor UAS were two M600-Pro with a maximum take-off weight of 15 kg, able to carry up to 3 kg of payload. The multirotors simulated during the trials use cases of precision agriculture, wind turbine inspection and event monitoring.

In the case of the fixed wings, SCR operated the Atlantic UAS and the Tucan UAS. The Atlantic UAS ( ) is a 50 kg drone with up to 5 hours of autonomy that simulated operations of forest surveillance and power line inspections. The Tucan UAS ( is a compact lightweight (5kg) UAS developed by SCR designed for different applications like infrastructure inspections or photogrammetry. During the trials, it performed flights with a light version of the GAUSS positioning system integrated with its autopilot.

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